Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I wanna come back... I think.

So, I think that I want to get back to the blog world. Maybe. I kind of miss it. A lot.  Sometimes. Not sure that I even have any readers left.

Is this the best timing? Probably not. I am just learning how to manage this whole two children thing. But nevertheless, I want to. I want Joe's life to be celebrated and recorded the same way that Ben's was (or was at least for the first 10 months or so until I gave up!) I might give up again. I might be terrible at this again. But, I am going to try!

So, most importantly... I want to introduce you to Joseph Gabriel Woolley!!!

Joe was born on December 15th at 11:04am and came home with us 2 days later. It has been an incredible month with him as we all get adjusted to life as a family of four. Ben ADORES him and kisses him ALL the time! He wants to give him high fives and fist bumps constantly. If he cries, he is so concerned and runs to help "fix" it.  Joe is a very easy baby, for the most part. He sleeps a ton (well, during the day at least!) and is very easy going. He loves to snuggle and I spend lots of time not getting much accomplished because I want to hold him.

Our journey to Joe was a short one, you might say. We were not looking to grow our family yet, but God had other plans. We decided to show our profile to our birthmom on the week of Thanksgiving, she picked us and a few days later, we were meeting her for the first time! Over the next few weeks, we had the chance to meet with her and her family several times and get to spend some great time getting to know her. We expected him to come earlier than he did, so I went into overdrive preparing for him to come home with us any day! It was a "long" two weeks as I jumped every single time the phone rang, expecting news. On December 14th, we had dinner with our birthmom and she was looking incredibly uncomfortable! So, I was not surprised when I got the call about 12 hours later that she was at the hospital and in labor.

I can't wait to share more of our story... how different this experience has been (than it was with Ben), how much God has taught us through this and all that we have learned!


  1. I'm still reading! Yay!

    Congratulations - sounds like you are a pro at having two!!!

  2. So glad you are back...and SOOO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!

  3. Yay! I am glad you are back blogging! I was always encouraged in my walk with the Lord by reading what He has done in yours and Rusty's lives. And YAY for Joseph Gabriel! What a blessing from the Lord for the most perfect parents!

  4. Yay - so excited that you are back to blogging. I have been periodically checking your blog since July patiently waiting and hoping that you would return. You see I too have always been encouraged in my walk with the Lord by reading all that He has done in the your lives. Congratulations on being the mom of 2 precious little boys. I also have 2 boys - mine are 2 yrs and 4 yrs old almost exactly 2 yrs apart. Joe and Ben are gonna be great friends - just get ready for the ride of your life because 2 little boys are definitely a handful - but I know you are up to the challenge.

    God Bless your family of 4!