Monday, January 28, 2013

Joe's first week at home

 Joe's first week at home was a busy one as we prepared for Christmas, but we had a great week together and enjoyed Daddy being home from work to share that time with us as a family. During the first week of Ben's life, I probably took 2000 pictures, mostly of him sleeping. That was a little challenging to try and keep up with this time since I now had a toddler hanging on my leg during shoots! Poor second child...but I still tried to capture some shots before he changed too much!

Sweet big brother helping out the swing:

I have NO CLUE what Ben was doing here, but clearly Joe did not like it!

I LOVE this one!

 My boys snuggling....

At five days old, he tagged along with me to Ben's school for his Christmas program. As room mom, I had a party to throw so Joe came right along with me! He wasn't much of a partier though!

 I at least got a lot of pictures with my phone, which is better than nothing!


  1. You are doing so good and I am so proud. Love to all four of you.

  2. Sweet boys! I'm glad you're blogging again, and I wish I had your swaddling skillz!

  3. Love that you are back blogging!!! Looks like y'all are adjusting well to a family of 4! Joe is handsome!!