Friday, July 20, 2012

!6 months old

Thank you all so much for your comments, emails and FB messages about my last post. It is certainly encouraging to know that I am not alone in those thoughts and feelings! And to be honest, I don't feel that way as often as I used to. Things are easier now that he is walking and we can get out and do fun stuff. But, I will always have that mom guilt that I could be doing everything better. I just try to remind myself every day to give myself some grace in that and keep pressing forward. I know that all mommas feel that way and that no matter how old he is, I will probably always feel that way!

So, now that I am back to blogging, I have lots of catching up to do. But that will have to happen another day. For now, here is where we are and what we are up to!

Ben is 16 months old this week! 

His personality has really come out and he is so much fun! He is silly, sweet, loving, and sensitive. But he is ALL BOY. He is obsessed with sports. Obsessed. Especially anything with a ball. In fact, he still won't say "Mama", but I hear "Ball" about 7000 times a day. Anything that is slightly round is a ball. And anything that is remotely long is a golf club. This is what we do ALL. DAY. LONG. 

He doesn't really care about any tv shows, but will sit magnetized to the tv for hours if golf is on! It is so crazy! 

He is also a big fan of his baseball T and loves his basketball goal. And he is actually really good at all of them. I think that we have a natural athlete on our hands!

And a whole pit full of balls that he can throw? HEAVEN. 

He is such a good kid and I am so blessed to be his mom. Every day, I thank God for the chance that He has given me to be a part of Ben's life and to be his mom. I could not be more in love. 

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