Monday, January 28, 2013

Welcome home, Joe!

We came home to a very sweet welcome with some family and our dear friend, Ashley who had done so many sweet things to welcome us!

Our first picture as a family of FOUR!

When we first introduced Joe to Ben, we asked him what he thought about Joe. He responded "bye, bye!" But as the hours went on, he really warmed up to him and was so excited to have him home. He is such a sweet big brother and LOVES Joe so much now. He is constantly giving him fist bumps and high fives!

Here, Ben is giving Joe a kiss to thank him for the "Ho Ho" cup that he brought him. Although it looks a bit more like he is eating him! 

We made it "Facebook official" with this picture announcing that Ben is a BIG brother! We had only shared the news about Joe with a few people before we brought him home. So most people did not even know that we were expecting another baby and we shocked to see the news! 

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  1. They are going to grow up to be BEST BUDDIES!! I just know it!! I cant get enough of the pictures! Your boys are PRECIOUS!