Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I want to say...

I have fallen so far behind in my blogging. My google reader probably has 1000 unread posts and it's too overwhelming to even start reading them- let alone comment! Who knew such a small little guy could take up so much time? I have found that it is so much easier to just post a picture of facebook then it is to write out a whole post.

Ben is about to wake from a nap, so I don't have time today to post all of the things that I want to. So, here are a few posts that are in my head and haven't made it onto the computer yet: (Does that count for something?)

- A post about a shower that my sweet friends from Labor and Delivery through for me and Ben.
- A post about how Rusty was out of town for two of the first four weeks of Ben's life and I was a single mom trying to figure it all out. We survived though!
- A post about how hard it is to admit that this mom thing is hard, especially when you wanted it for so long and you don't want to sound ungrateful.
- A post updating you on Ben's heart condition. (The Cliff notes version: there is no change and we are continuing to be followed by the pediatric cardiologist and pray for healing.)
- A post about the amazing ways that God has revealed Himself and reminded me that He cares for even the smallest of details.
- A post that someday I am going to get the guts to post about "Things never to say to someone that is going through infertility, has placed a child for adoption, or is adopting." I am the lucky girl that gets to be on the receiving end of all three types of comments and just have to share some thoughts!

Well, he is awake now and I have a bottle to fix. Maybe those posts will make it on here soon. Now that Daddy is back in the picture, I am hoping to have a little more free time.


  1. Always feel free to vent about the challenges of motherhood. Every mom understands.

    Also, I look forward to the "things never to say" post. I've been on the receiving end of the infertility stuff, but no one realized that I was going through it at the time. (slightly different twist than your situation, I know). I may be guilty of saying some of those things that sting without realizing it, and I would love the opportunity to be more sensitive to the words that pop out of my mouth.

    You are doing a great job, momma.

  2. Grateful for the new post. I have been wondering how you all are doing, but sounds like you are in full swing of the crazy normal that goes with having a new baby. Anxiously awaiting the "things you should never say" post. I'm thinking that could be a book.

  3. I agree - I want your "things to never say" post! I have often wanted to inform the masses of "what not to say to someone who has lost/or is losing a child". There are definite Do's and Don'ts and I'm anxious to hear yours :)
    And yes, motherhood is hard, and VERY time-consuming! Just enjoy your time holding that sweet boy, blogging can always wait till later!

  4. So glad to hear Rusty is home and able to take care of both of you.

    I've often wanted to right a "things to never say..." post as well, but I don't have the guts quite yet! I want to give my mom Hannah's Hope, because it has a paragraph at the end of every chapter called "Burden Bearer" and it's just for that. Telling others all the things you are sensitive to, but never have the guts to just come right out and say it. It made me smile every time I read something that had happened to me.

    I loved see you and Ben today!!

  5. Love you!! I know its hard. I had a horrible time at the beginning updating the blog but you will be so glad that you pushed through and did it. I still go back and read post I did and smile at all the memories. I know you are making SO MANY. And YES! It is insanely hard. 1 baby, 2 baby, it doesn't matter. You are still a first time mom and its hard. Its okay to say that. I also felt "guilty" of complaining or venting because I didn't want to appear ungrateful either. I still do :-) Love you tons and can't wait to see sip and see pics. That is blog you will have to do!!!