Sunday, April 24, 2011

The first of many...

Today, we celebrate our first holiday together as a family. Holidays used to be days that I hated- markers of time that reminded me that another year had passed and my arms were still empty. But, as I sat in the service this morning for the very first time with my arms full, tears of gratitude began to flow. 
Happy Easter from our family...Rusty, Jennifer and Ben!


  1. What a wonderful Day! I am so glad God has blessed ya'll with Ben! He is so adorable. Sure hope the Sip and See went well. We were so sorry to miss!

  2. So happy for you two. How many holidays have we prayed for full arms, full hearts..? And within a few months Meme has gained a new grandson and granddaughter, and Mammy a new grandson. One a surprise, two VERY, VERY prayed for little boys. God is so amazing. Praising Him everyday. Love you all so much, and I am really needing to hold Ben.

  3. He just keeps getting prettier.