Wednesday, April 27, 2011

B is for Blessed

This weekend, we had a Sip & See party to celebrate Ben!
So many people have loved us, prayed for us and cried with us on our journey to Ben. We wanted to have a day to celebrate with those people and thank them for supporting us and walking with us. 
B is for Bubble Gum

B is for Books
This is a book that I made of pictures from Ben's arrival. It is such a treasure!

This is our FAVORITE children's book about adoption. It is so well written and does a great job of addressing so many issues. Before Ben was born, I would sit and read it. It was always emotional for me, but I never knew how emotional it would be the first time that I read it to Ben. I sobbed and couldn't even read the words. 

Somehow, I did not get a picture of my favorite "B". I put out a big bottle of Germ-X and tagged it B is for bacteria! 

 My Aunt Dixie and Cousin Marlee that came from Atlanta to be a part of the celebration
The day would not have been complete without this beautiful friend. I would have never made it to this day without her support, love and wisdom. 

Many of you know already how much this man means to me.  Dr. Moore delivered Holland, influenced me greatly to go to nursing school, moved me from Dallas to work with him, sent me to sonogram school and has been a part of every major event in my life. He was at my wedding, crying tears of joy. He held me in his arms and cried tears of sadness as I got the diagnosis of infertility. 
Dr. Moore was forced to retire suddenly due to some medical issues. It was such a devastating time for me because I could not believe that he would not be there to deliver my child! I had the honor of being a part of his last delivery ever. I bawled my eyes out and as we left the room, he hugged me and said, "I may not get to be a part of your day as Dr. Moore, but I will be a part of your day." 
So, I just have to share this story of how God likes to take care of all the smallest details:
Right after I got the phone call that Ben had been born, I was racing home and got a text from Dr. Moore. "Has she delivered yet?" I couldn't figure out how he knew about it already, but replied "Yes, she did last night! He is healthy!" Then I realized that I had never told him about Ben or that we had lost Sarah. He was referring to Sarah's mom when he texted. I pulled into my driveway and started to cry. I realized that God was allowing him to be a part of my day, just as he had promised. I believe that God gave me that small little detail to remind me that He has not forgotten about me. 

I can't even begin to put into words what Cindy has meant to me over the past 12 years. She is the most amazing, loving, wise, giving woman that I have ever met. I pray that I will be half the mom that she is. She was there when I met Holland and when I said "Goodbye" She was there for every minute of the last 12 years of my grief without him. She was there when I refused to accept God's will for us and patiently waited for me to realize what she did years ago. And then she was there when I met Ben. It was the most beautiful night of my life and I cannot imagine not sharing it with her. She's loved me when I was hurt, stubborn and broken. Yet, she loves me still. She loves me as if I am her own and Ben as if he is her 18th grandbaby! (We call him Diez y Ocho since she was in Honduras when he was born.)

There are so many others of you that could not attend the party, but have been such a huge part of our journey. Please know how much we appreciate each and every one of you. We have been so amazingly blessed over the past four years by the support and friendship of so many. We truly feel humbled to have such amazing friends and family.


  1. What a special time! It looked perfect, with every detail! I loved hearing about Dr.Moore. What a neat man! And Benjamin, ...a cutie in his tie!!!! Much love to you and many blessings!! The Fransens

  2. I am so sorry that we couldn't be there for you on this special day! We were pretending the whole day we were and talked about your new little family to everyone we visited! Love you guys! xoxo

  3. TEARS OF JOY!! TEARS OF JOY!! Congratulations on your baby boy!! He is absolutely perfect!!

  4. So sorry we could not be part of your special day to introduce Ben to everyone! Life is busy and that makes it hard to do it all! So thankful for your blessing. Loved the story of Dr. Moore and of Cindy Seay! God has put so many wonderful blessings in your path! Yes, you are blessed my dear friend!

  5. What an adorable party!!! You look gorgeous and baby Ben?!, so darling! I wish I could have been there. I love seeing these pics of you and your sweet son though!

  6. So sad to have missed this! Your smiles in the new blog header pic say it all! xoxo

  7. I just love your blogs....they are so beautiful!! God's hand is truly over every step for you....I am so thrilled you have sweet Ben!
    See you soon friend..