Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Starting to feel real!

Ok, so please bear with me as I walk through this journey and babble about dumb things. I know that these are small little details that no one else cares about. But to me, every step is a step closer to BABY!!!!!

The car seat and stroller were delivered! 

(Please excuse the phone picture. I am limited on my stair climbing and 
am too lazy to go get my real camera and load it onto the computer!)

I have no idea why, but this has made the whole thing very real.

There will be a baby in that car seat soon!

OUR baby!


  1. so excited for you! Great pattern on the stroller! Love it!

  2. don't ever apologize for babbling about things like this! It's what moms are supposed to do!! I blogged about my strollers BOTH times. My heart is overflowing for you both!!!!!

  3. keep talking, getting excited, and sharing with us!! Excited for you!!!

    blessings, olivia

  4. Those aren't dumb things! Those things mean you're getting ready for a baby!

  5. I am thrilled for you! Adoption is a marvelously amazing thing, and becoming a Mommy this way is even more marvelous! I'm so glad that God has placed this in your hearts. I am praying for you and the sweet birthmom that has chosen you and Rusty. I know how moments on the "Red Couch" can be, so keep us posted as the day draws near so that we can cover that day in prayer! God is so good!