Monday, March 11, 2013

Joe's Sip and See

This summer, Rusty and I began attending a new church in our community. We very much felt like it was time to be at a smaller church, closer to home, where we could really get plugged in and serve. But leaving HFBC was incredibly difficult for us. We have built some amazing friendships over the years and were sad to not be attending church any more with the "family" that had helped shape our marriage and walk us through some really tough times.

Like a junior higher, I was so nervous and afraid that the girls at the new church wouldn't like me and that I wouldn't make any friends. But God has so richly fulfilled that desire and blessed me with some really incredible and sweet friends. They have embraced me and really loved me so well. I am so incredibly thankful for them!

Before we could even get Joe home, they told me that they were going to throw us a Sip 'n See. This was such a blessing to me and I loved getting the chance to celebrate Joe in the way that most moms get to in anticipation of a baby's arrival. It was fun to have the guest of honor being loved on and held by all the ladies!

All dressed and ready to party:

Everything was absolutely beautiful! They did such an amazing job with all of the details. It was just perfect!

The hostesses (minus one who was in Hawaii, but so thankful for Cindy too!)

This is Joe's buddy Brody and hie beautiful mom, Jessica. The boys are just a few weeks apart, so it will be fun to see them grow up in church together!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful shower to celebrate Joe. Thank you for loving us so generously and for being so happy for us! I am so thankful for all of the new friendships that I have made!

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  1. What a beautiful shower for a beautiful Momma!!