Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rusty's birthday

Just after Christmas, Rusty turned 35! For his day, he said that he wanted to go to College Station for Wings -n- More (he is very particular about his Wings -n- More locations and will only eat at the ones in CS and in the Woodlands because their recipes are different after an ownership split) and then to an Aggie Basketball game.

So that's exactly what we did.

Here is Ben meeting Dr. Loftin and holding his Gig 'em thumb. This is what he does since he can't quite make his hand do it yet. He just grabs yours!

Ben went to check out the seats in front of us. Apparently we weren't quite close enough:
And then helped himself up into the lap of the lady in those seats. Thank you, kind stranger!

 He was OBSESSED with watching the yell leader:

The only way to attend an Aggie sporting event is to have fresh kettle corn while you are there. He is a child after my own heart.

We even made it on Fox Sports Southeast a few times! Here is a screen shot:

Ben got some time with the Aggie dance team:
 And some high fives from the players:

I am sure that Rusty and his boys have many more Aggie sporting events in their future. But this first one as a family of four was a fun day and some special memories!

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