Thursday, August 25, 2011

To blog or not to blog? That is the question.

I've sat down to update this blog about 15 times for every one post that actually makes it. 

I type. 

I stop. 

I quit. 

You see, I am torn. 

Right now, my life is Ben. 24/7, 100% Ben. And I love every single minute of it. (Ok, let's be honest- some of those minutes are pretty exhausting. You know, make me want to cry, call Rusty at work with very frequent phrase "When are you coming home?", go to the gym just because you want an hour of childcare, minutes. But deep down, I still love it.)

That's where I am. That's the season that I am in right now.  But, I feel bad blogging about Ben as if I have forgotten the pain that came with the waiting or not acknowledging those that read this blog who are still overwhelmed by that pain.

This started as my "infertility" blog and I don't want it to turn into my "bragging about Ben" blog. 

I've had that debate in my head for the last few months and yet somehow as I put the thought into words, I am realizing how I actually feel about it. This is not a "bragging about Ben" blog. It is what it was always intended to be... "Bragging about what God has done!" blog. 

Being given this amazing gift is not the end of my journey or ours as a family. It is just a step. God has been faithful. I love to look back over this journey and see all that He has done and how He has provided. But, I know that He isn't done yet. He has more in store for us! I just know it. 

So, this blog will continue to proclaim God's faithfulness to us. 

But during this season of my life, that will probably include lots of pictures of this sweet boy:


  1. Meme and Poppa like for you to blog!

  2. I love reading about precious Ben. It is such a sweet reminder that God has a plan for our lives....and His plan is perfect. Looking forward to lots of pictures of Ben & I think babies get SO much easier after 6 months old!! I was SHOCKED at how hard the first 4 months of Ava's life was...but every month after that got more fun & easier.

  3. I love it! We all love to hear about your journey to Ben and the continued journey of your family of three! It gives those of us out there still waiting hope.